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“Like über-producer/recording artiste Daniel Lanois, he's adept at seamlessly blending French and English lyrics with tasteful, sun-dappled sonics.”

-- Barbara Mitchell, The Portland Oregonian, Portland, OR

"... Kaiser is leading a bit of a Francophone resurgence in town, and it's one you don't need a beret to dig."

-- Michael Mannheimer, Willamette Week, Portland, OR

“Eric John Kaiser's 2009 CD release 'French Troubadour' contains a full spectrum of great old style pop/rock songs, expertly written and delivered with engaging storytelling.”

-- Zaph Mann, OPB Music, Portland, OR

VIDÉOCLIP EXCLUSIF | ERIC JOHN KAISER – UNE PLACE AU SOLEIL vous présente, en exclusivité, le nouveau vidéoclip de Eric John Kaiser pour la chanson Une place au soleil, une oeuvre traitant de la violence faite aux femmes, et de l’indifférence crée par le côté pernicieux et égocentrique des réseaux sociaux. Cette chanson se retrouvera sur le cinquième album de l’artiste, intitulé Made in Gaspésie, qui paraîtra au Québec le 23 mars prochain

Un chansonnier franco-américain au Verre Bouteille

Troubadour francophone d’Amérique du Nord, Eric John Kaiser présente son cinquième album « Made in Gaspésie » au Verre Bouteille.

“Seeing as we've managed to snag these continental talents, let's enjoy 'em!”

-- Cary Clarke, The Portland Mercury, Portland, OR

“Kaiser's smoky singing voice is full of the rich, throaty vowels of his native language. In some songs, accordion, trumpet and organ provide a European tone, while in others, guitar bridges the difference between the two worlds.”

-- Amy Atkins, Boise Weekly, Boise, ID

"My own reaction probably provides the strongest endorsement. After listening to the EP, I immediately acquired the rest of Kaiser's material. That doesn't happen very often"

-- Cameron Rasmusson, The Independent, Missoula, MT

"The idea of a French Troubadour mixing acoustic singer-songwriter styles with hip-hop rhythms while alternating between French and English lyrics is intriguing if nothing else"

-- Pat Muir, Yakima Herald, Wa

"Kaiser's music spans two worlds"

-- Greg Mellen, Press Telegraph, Long Beach, CA

Eric John Kaiser, un talentueux "Troubadour" franco-américain installé à Portland.

-- France Amérique, USA

Eric John Kaiser promène depuis quatre ans ses chansons folk-rock de par le monde (France, Australie, Hong Kong, Etats-Unis).

-- 20 Minutes, France


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  • May 27
    Nebbiolo,  Oregon City
  • May 31
    McMenammins Boon's Treasury,  Salem
  • Jun 2
    McMenamins Sand Trap,  Gearhart
  • Jun 15
    Solo Show in Albany,  Albany

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